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Our Training

Venture Global Tech deals with hundreds of Job seekers daily. Though they were well qualified in their Academics, they lack in communications skill and presentation skills. By analyzing this we found a huge gap between the Industry expectations and the Job Seekers knowledge. Thus made us to start our own Training divisions to provide quality trainings by focusing various needs of our IT clients, our training programs are in the following criteria

  • Hardware & Networking

All the trainers are Certified and Experienced Professionals.

All the Courses are real-time and placement oriented training. All courses includes basic to advanced level and courses

Introduction Computer

  • History of Computers
  • Types of Computers
  • Overview of PC / Block Diagram


  • Types of Memory
  • Memory Modules & its specifications

Processor Types & Specifications

  • Buses & its types
  • Speed Rating & over clocking
  • Physical packages of Processor
  • Generation of Processors & comparison

Storage Devices

  • Floppy Disk Storage
  • Hard Disk Storage
  • Optical Storage

Mother Board Architecture

  • Form Factors
  • Various components & its functions
  • Chipset-functions

BIOS & Installation

  • BIOS Basics
  • CMOS Setup Specification
  • Installation of Windows

OSI Layers

IP Addressing


Networking Fundamentals

  • Types of Networking
  • Topologies
  • Media & Cabling
  • Devices

Reasons to You Choose us

Why We are the Best?
With our specialized and expertise team of executives, and our commitment towards quality and timely response, we make the recruitment simple and effective to our clients by providing them with complete Recruitment Services. By partnering with our client, we always focus on understanding their culture and values such that we could find a right candidate with right attitude and commitment who not only fits the skill set of the job but also could act as a catalyst to fulfil the short and long term objectives of our clients.

Our History

  •  2014
    Started this Company with a Small Team On 2014.
  •  Jan 2015
    Got More than 25+ clients in the IT Field and continue expanding, Also Recruited more than 100+ Candidates Till Now